Seaclops "Strange Fiction" part 30.1

So whats up with the Rag guy? Here is a little bit of back story to explain. In our first Seaclops .1 issues! What's better than getting a normal issue every week?! Being surprised by a .1 issue by a different writer and artist! But good news, I wrote and drew this so it's already better then like 10,000,000 of the other .1 issues out there. I'm looking at you 90's comics! Next I might do a foil cover, or polybag... or trading card insert.... I'm getting ideas.

Also Sorry for the lack of new content lately. I have been super busy working on stuff for Marvel/Upper Deck and got fun stuff brewing over at Action Labs as well as doing the art for some Card games and board games. To keep up with all that fun stuff, check out my Instagram at Andy_Duggan_Art. Also Its hard to Draw and write and color and letter Seaclops every week by myself so if any one is interested at coloring or inking let me know! Talk to you soon Pupils (eye pun).

Enjoy this collecters .1 issue!

 By Andy Duggan

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